Welcome to CIRIOT, a team of experts dedicated to steering companies and innovations towards a successful long-term business within our complex world of quickly changing technologies and business environments. We wish to promote human-centric Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and Circular economy solutions that help shape the future of smart and resilient societies and businesses.

We specialize in several core business and RDI development clusters, including Digital health, Life Sciences, Digital transformation & AI, Sustainable materials, and Circular economy technologies and products.  We are proud of our ability to execute complex projects for our clients, from initial analysis to achieving agreed-upon goals. 

Founded in 2020, CIRIOT (formerly Kuumeri 2016-2020) is based in Japan. With our extensive network in Finland, we can support with EU/European market business expansion and R&D relationships. Our team is dedicated to supporting start-ups and scale-ups with their business growth and market-entry projects, as well as larger corporations seeking new technologies and partners for their future business platform.  Our work deliverables and project management from strategy to go-to-market are actionable, and we make personal introductions of our clients to new partners.