EvokAI Creative Labs Inc.  

CIRIOT has formed a strategic partnership with EvokAI to promote the sales and go-to-market strategy of the company’s solutions in Japan and the Asia-Pacific region. The partnership is aimed at leveraging the strengths of both companies to expand their reach and accelerate growth in the MedTech industry. Through this collaboration, we aim to bring innovative and effective healthcare solutions to a wider market.​

EvokAI is a MedTech AI-powered company that focuses on developing innovative technologies for preventive healthcare and aging societies. Their solutions utilize artificial intelligence-enhanced measurements, diagnostics, and models to provide a solid basis for monitoring and improving mental well-being, as well as enabling advances in neurological disease therapy. With a focus on MedTech, EvokAI aims to revolutionize the healthcare industry by developing cutting-edge AI solutions that can detect and predict health issues before they become severe. Their solutions are designed to provide early intervention and prevention measures for better patient outcomes. The company’s expertise in AI-enhanced measurements, diagnostics, and models enables them to provide accurate and reliable insights that can inform healthcare decisions and improve patient care.