Since 2018, CIRIOT has been FinnCERES’ partner in Japan, helping to expand the consortium’s membership among academic institutions and companies in the region. The partnership has played a significant role in strengthening Japanese and Asian participation in FinnCERES. Through its collaboration with FinnCERES, CIRIOT has been working towards promoting the development of sustainable technologies and the circular economy in Japan and beyond.​

FinnCERES is a joint research center of Aalto University and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, focusing on materials research. The center aims to develop sustainable materials and production technologies to enable the circular economy and combat climate change. FinnCERES conducts interdisciplinary research across various fields, including chemistry, materials science, engineering, and biotechnology. The center’s research topics include bio-based materials, smart materials, and functional surfaces, among others. FinnCERES collaborates with industry partners and other research institutions to translate its research into practical applications and commercial products. Overall, FinnCERES is at the forefront of sustainable materials research and innovation in Finland.​