Go-To-Market Projects

Once Market-Entry model options have been decided, we will conduct a detailed analysis of the target market and its dynamics across target customer segments. This includes typically listing Market Demand & Pull factors, Benchmarking Partners, Competitor Analysis, as well as describing Localization requirements and Regulative matters. We make use of Michael Porter’s Five Forces Analysis framework to assess target market business environment and attractiveness for clients’ products and services. For more detailed analysis to support GTM decision-making, we conduct an STP (Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning) evaluation for prioritized product or service. 

Our GAP analysis will help to segment the market and achieve Product Market Fit, as well as help with the implementation of the Brand Strategy. Finally, together with the client, we will create a GTM Business Plan and a Roadmap that will guide the entry process in scope, budget and time. The GTM plan will decide the best strategy for final entry model for the new market: Local Business establishment, M&A or Joint Venture, or Licensing. With our support for business negotiations and contractual matters we can ensure GTM plan execution.