IHap Inc. Coveross​

CIRIOT has been working closely with Hap Inc. and Coveross since 2018 to support their overseas business expansion and brand development. In recognition of their efforts, Hap Japan and Coveross in Finland were awarded by the Japanese Prime Minister at the beginning of 2023. This partnership between CIRIOT and Hap/Coveross highlights the importance of global collaboration in driving innovation and growth in the textile industry.​

Hap Inc. is a Japanese textile industry company that specializes in developing and producing functional garments and e-textiles. Their subsidiary, Coveross, is the leading international brand for functional textile solutions for fashion brands, retail, and workwear. Coveross offers a range of products that utilize advanced materials and technologies, such as waterproof and breathable fabrics, anti-static materials, and conductive yarns, to provide solutions for various industries. With a strong focus on sustainability and innovation, Hap and Coveross are committed to creating functional and environmentally-friendly products.