International Business Promotion Center – IBPC Osaka​

CIRIOT has formed a partnership with the International Business Promotion Center (IBPC) in Osaka to assist foreign companies with go-to-market activities in Japan. The partnership aims to provide support to companies that are planning to establish a business presence in Osaka, helping them to navigate the complexities of the Japanese market and access the resources they need to succeed. By leveraging the strengths of both organizations, CIRIOT and IBPC are working together to promote international business growth and expansion through the Osaka region.​

The International Business Promotion Center (IBPC) Osaka is a non-profit organization that supports international business and trade in the Osaka region of Japan. IBPC provides a range of services to foreign companies looking to establish or expand their business in Japan, including market research, business matching, and office space rental. The IBPC Osaka also organizes various events and seminars throughout the year to promote business opportunities and networking among international and Japanese companies. The organization’s focus on promoting international business in the Osaka region has made it a valuable resource for foreign companies looking to enter the Japanese market.​