International Technology Partnerships

We assist our clients in accelerating their digital technology innovation and adapting to future circular economy requirements. Our team of specialists have extensive experience in managing product innovation from concept to market. Our focus with clients is on commercialization and product launch, go-to-market, and technology conversion towards more productive and competitive process or product. Our collaboration with several leading research organizations and co-innovation programs allows us to stay on top of the latest cutting-edge ‘Game Changer Technologies’.

These collaborations facilitate R&D and business development projects, and us provide our clients with valuable insights and access to the newest technological advancements. Through technology development collaborations, our goal is to find business development partners for our clients.  Such partners that have synergy with our client’s technology and sustainability strategies. 

Recently, in academia side we have collaboration networks with Aalto University in Finland and Shinshu University FII (Fiber Innovation Incubator), which have co-creation programs with industries focusing on innovation. We work also with FinnCERES and Telaketju (Telavalue) ecosystem. FinnCERES is an international bio-economy innovation center, which we introduced in collaboration with FII and Finland embassy in Tokyo in Japan in 2019.  

Telaketju consortium was established in 2017 to start building `circular textiles ecosystem in` Finland and Nordics region. Transforming to a `Telavalue program` in 2022 consortium has become more international since we are sharing the problems from fast fashion and non-circular materials globally. 

CIRIOT has been promoting these consortiums since 2019 and actively built business and R&D relationship with Japanese & Asian textile industry. Our partnerships allow us to tap into the latest research and technology developments in Europe and Japan, both investing heavily on digital, sustainability and healthcare innovations.