Management Coaching

At CIRIOT we offer management coaching to help Japanese leaders and company owners adopt Nordic leadership styles for international growth and scale-up business. Our management coaching services focus on a range of topics, including Leadership and working culture, how to build a winning culture and insight into how to be a leader.​

In addition to helping Japanese leaders and company owners adopt Nordic leadership styles for international growth and scale-up business, we also offers coaching services with a deep understanding of Japanese and Asian business culture and ways of working. We recognize the unique cultural differences that can impact communication, decision-making, and team dynamics, and we work with our clients to bridge those gaps and create a cohesive and productive working environment.​

We help international growth businesses with their leadership and working culture by looking into organizational hierarchy, delegation, communication, innovation, and work-life balance. We understand that these areas are critical to creating a successful and thriving company culture that drives growth and innovation.​

Our team of experts works closely with clients to build a winning culture that foster motivation, empowerment, and the attraction of top talent. We believe that building trust and motivation are key elements in achieving success in any organization. Additionally, we help managers overcome their fears and uncertainties by providing guidance and support, allowing them to embrace growth opportunities. We also help leaders develop a mindset that is focused on coaching and empowering their teams, while strengthening self-confidence and self-management skills.