VTT Research Centre of Finland​

CIRIOT and VTT Research Centre of Finland have been working together since 2018 to promote sustainable and circular economy practices in industry. Our collaboration focuses on building co-innovation and R&D partnerships with Japanese companies and research organizations in the circular economy and material manufacturing sectors. The partnership aims to develop new technologies and solutions that can reduce waste, increase resource efficiency, and promote sustainable economic growth.​

VTT Research Centre of Finland is a state-owned applied research organization that conducts research and development across a wide range of fields. It is the largest applied research organization in Northern Europe, with a global network of partners and over 2,000 employees. VTT focuses on developing new technologies and innovations to address societal challenges such as sustainable energy production, resource efficiency, and digital transformation. The organization offers a range of services to support businesses and organizations in their innovation and development efforts, including technology consulting, testing and certification services, and access to advanced research facilities. VTT has a strong track record of commercializing its research and technology innovations, contributing to the growth and competitiveness of Finnish industry.