Ciriot is Your Planning and Execution Partner for Impactful and Sustainable Global Business

We help Clients to plan impactful global business strategy and to execute it. We connect with new credible business partners for market-entry and sales, support RDI projects from idea to PoC and piloting, introduce new funding sources, and help with fulfilling the future sustainable business requirements.

We support Clients with Go-To-Market (GTM), RDI partnering with private and public sector (PPPP), M&A, Fund-raising, and growth with new Sales channel partnerships and Licensing deals.

We focus in building New Business and RDI around near-future Smart & Sustainable Cities and Living Environments, and driving Digital transformation towards Personalized and Preventive Healthcare.


Our passion is to multiply innovations towards tomorrow's success. We believe that this success is built with human-centric IoT technology in already near future's smart bio-economies.

Our core business and RDI development clusters are:
Bio-circular economy
Digital health
Life Sciences
Digital transformation & AI
Smart & sustainable city systems

Our strength is our local-global network of professionals from variety of industries.

Ciriot (formerly Kuumeri) is based in Japan, and Finland (EU) is our 2nd home. Since 2016, we have supported start-ups and scale-ups with their business growth and market-entry projects, and larger corporations matchmaking new technologies fitting into their future strategy. In Helsinki, Finland, we have a unique hub for supported access to EU-European markets. In Japan, we have wide partner network for executing market entry strategies. We connect with several accelerators and PPP&P (Public • Private • Partnership with Professionals) ecosystems which offer funding, resources and infrastructure for R&D and market entry establishment. For academia and research, and national-regional business growth ecosystems we offer access to new business and investor partners´ networks.

CIRIOT is FinnCERES partner in Japan for creating future bio-economy

Thank you to all those who joined us May 25th in our webinar and event in Tokyo - in total close to 200 professionals from Japan, Finland and all over the world! See you next time during BioJapan 2021!

Find the recording over here:

FinnCERES is a Finnish PPP&P accelerator developing materials and applications for the bio-economy. FinnCERES focuses in functional smart textiles, next generation bio-composites, and light-weight and structured materials.

FinnCERES and CIRIOT is looking for academia, research and value chain industry partners in Japan to foster globally commercialization and production of sustainable materials and bio-products. For Japanese industry partners we wish to concretize the benefits of accelerating RDI and new sustainable business creation in Finland for the competitive Global markets. And explain how this will also impact positively business and society in Japan.


Finland is a great hub and safe testbed for the Japanese companies to grow towards an international business. Via Finland you will also get an entry to the EU´s 448 million and Europe´s 741 million people markets. Finland boosts social innovations and safety, prosperity from sustainable and human technology, and growth from digitalization and start-up ecosystems. We are committed with our partners, eg. VTT Research, Aalto University and FinnCERES, to accelerate the Japanese companies’ sustainable business growth in competitive EU markets and beyond.

In EU Green Deal program there is €100 billion over the period of 2021-2027 for companies and consortiums to apply funds for green and digital innovations. Horizon Europe program, which focuses in key technology clusters of AI, Digital Health, Advanced materials, Nanotechnologies, Biotechnology, Advanced manufacturing and processing, offer great funding and partnering opportunities. To access these programs companies need to have an established EU business e.g. in Finland.


Japan is the third-largest economy in the world and offers several opportunities for AI, biotech, digital health, fintech, circular economy, cyber-security and mobility as service companies. Japan wants to accelerate transformation into smart & circular cities, and aging population brings great challenges to solve.

Japanese corporations and investors are actively looking for future unicorns, which typically are also expected to enter the Japanese market. Japanese start-up and regional growth ecosystems are keen on connecting with overseas partners and offer support for those entering Japan. Ciriot is widely connected within it's main business domains in Japan. Besides Market-entry services, we also organize events and tailor-made webinars to meet possible new Japanese business, funding and research partners.



We support sustainable business expansion with strategy and target market-entry analysis with actionable business model(s) for Go-to-market. At this stage we already list potential target market partners.


We support finding the right partners for RDI and PoC for Go-To-Market.
We find partners for sales, supply chain and production.
We support with negotiations all the away till the deal, and beyond if needed.

Go-to-market projects

Our primary Go-to-market hubs are Japan and Finland (EU) but for our network is global.
We help you build minimum viable products (MVP’s) for the targeted customer segments for Go-to-market. We walk with our clients from until the Go-to-market is executed, and support with local operations management if required.

M&A, funding and licensing

We help with matchmaking companies towards merger & acquisition, and with negotiations.
We support finding funding and accelerate business expansion with licensing deals.


hap Inc. Tokyo Japan [COVEROSS OY establishment in Helsinki Finland December 2019] WELMO INC. Tokyo Japan [WELMO FINLAND OY establishment in Helsinki Finland November 2019]


Japanese COVEROSS® textile finishing technology from local innovation into a global brand and Helsinki based EU company Coveross Oy.

Read more:


Japanese Welmo Inc. opening first overseas subsidiary Welmo Finland Oy for AI R&D.


We organise tailor-made business visits, on-site and online events between Japan and Finland/EU. We organize meetings with potential business and R&D partners, and facilitate them towards a successful outcome.

May 2019

Helsinki as destination for Japanese companies in Tokyo


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March 2019

Fabbit conference, Tokyo

Introducing Kuumeri (Ciriot) and Finland as a gateway to sustainable EU business growth to Fabbit…

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April 2018

Biobanks and Digital Health Data in Finland. Tokyo

Invitation for collaboration with Helsinki Business Hub and Finland Health Ministry to the Japan Pharmaceutical…

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April 2018

Seminar at Pharmaceutical Manufactures Association

Helsinki is one of the best place for innovation for pharma and health industry by…

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March 2018

iPS technology at JIKEI Unversity. Tokyo

Together with former Prime Minister of Finland, Mr. Esko Aho, Helsinki Business Hub and VTT…

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January 2018

Finland Business Event: Digital Health Technology in Osaka

Professional information sharing event with Fujitsu, Kansai Pharmaceutical Industries Association (KPIA), Osaka Chamber of Commerce,…

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Jarkko Jussila

I have a passion in turning business ideas and technology into new commercially viable products and services with economical, social and environmental value. Smart Cities with IoT everywhere and in everyone and Circularity of all materials gives enormous possibilities for innovations and disruptive technologies.

M.Sc. Turku University, School of Economics. Post-graduate studies at Aalto University, Koblenz University and INSEAD Paris.


Yoko Yasuda

Extensive business and R&D experience from Medical industry and Healthcare, and in collaborating with Japanese corporations. After joining Kuumeri 2016 supporting Japanese startups in business expansion and transformation from local to globally thinking companies. Recently focus on Aging society and Biocircular economy, and on connecting Finnish PPPP ecosystems with Japanese counterparts.

M.Sc. Ritsumeikan University, Political Science.

CIRIOT Senior Advisors

Business and RDI projects

  • Senior Advisor for sustainable materials and manufacturing for several industries & value chain management. Collaboration with academia, research and industry.
  • Special Advisor for pharma and life sciences & for collaboration with industry associations.
  • Senior Advisor for medical industry, healthcare and elderly care sectors. Collaboration with academia, research and industry.
  • Senior Advisor for partnerships and funding for go-to-market and PoC/piloting.

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